No Sew Ribbon Roses!

satin ribbons 1

There is a really wide selection of ribbons at the Sewing Studio. Both satin and fancy and metallic ribbons are available as well as silk ribbons.

satin ribbons

Why not make some no sew ribbon Roses! They are really easy to do and so effective when finished.

two finished roses in vase

To make the roses follow the steps below. You will want a metre of wide ribbon for each rose plus a length of wire. I used 12″ of wire per rose but this will depend on how tightly you are able to twist it. Take a length of wire and push it through one end of the ribbon and then fold over as shown below.

picture 1

Holding the wire  in the right hand twist the ribbon six times and then bind the layers of ribbon with a second length of wire.

picture 2

Now hold the ribbon in your left hand and the wire in your right. Fold the ribbon over towards you to form a right angle and twist it around the stem. Continue twisting until the fold is covered and then bind the base of the ribbon again.

picture 3

Continue in this way until most of the ribbon is used up. Now instead of folding the ribbon over and forming a right angle fold it in a loop and bind to the stem wire. Do several until there is a single tail of ribbon which you will bind with the wire.

picture 4

picture 6

Now take a length of green ribbon and lay it up and down the stem as shown below. Bind wire around the green ribbon.  (in the picture the green ribbon is beige!)

picture 7

Now twist the green ribbon tightly around the stem until the whole of the wire stem is covered.  Fold the end of the wire up and twist using a pair of pliers if necessary to get a tight twist which will hold the green ribbon in place.  Your rose is now finished. Use and enjoy!

Red rose finishedchiffon rose

Chiffon ribbons make lovely roses too! And a thinner stem can be achieved by using very narrow ribbon. Put in a vase with some real greenery these look quite delightful! Or they would make lovely corsages with a spray of greenery behind them.


Written by Val

This and that!

The summer is nearly over and the kids are back at school. Now is the time to think of doing a class or two. The Sewing Studio offers a variety of classes to suit all.  With Christmas on the horizon why not sign up for a workshop making Christmas items.

Mary Bradley is offering a workshop on a Christmas wall hanging or a Celtic cushion. This is on the 2nd October from 10 – 1 and is £11 per person. It will be great fun and focuses on a stained glass effect using narrow bias binding. The finished results are amazing!

christmas candle stained glass


celtic cushion

Or there is a Christmas Workshop on the 4th October from 10-4 costing £15 per person. In this workshop you can make an Advent Calendar or a Christmas Stocking. Or perhaps a table runner with matching table mats, napkins and napkin rings. There will be Christmas fabrics available in the shop including Christmas panels. There are samples to view in the shop!

And here is a sneak preview of some fabric just in from Moda called Avant Garden. It isn’t on the website yet but it will be soon. I thought it was quite delicious and this piece especially was reminiscent of the work of Clarice Cliffe.

new fabric new fabric advent garden

This link will take you to the Moda Bakeshop where you can see a finished quilt using the Avant Garden fabrics complete with quilt pattern,

Have fun and enjoy!

Written by Val

Lovely brushed cottons!

One would think that at the end of May brushed cottons wouldn’t be so appealing but with the damp and chilly weather that is typical of the English summer these fabrics are wonderful. Beautifully cosy and warm to the touch; and the colours and patterns are so attractive. Ideal for kiddies especially for making pymamas and night dresses. I could enjoy some night wear in this lovely fabric and being a Moda fabric it will wear and wash well and sew perfectly. Also as well as making cosy quilts and throws it will make lovely backings. brushed cotton rolls pink brushed cotton mixture

There is a selection in pinks with pirate boats, clouds and castles and there is also a selection in soft tans with some yellows. The printed patterns are straight from a fairy tale with useful plain geometric patterns to use for mixing and matching. I think this range is great fun!

brushed cotton castlesbrushed cotton rolls tan


brushed cotton yellow line

Written by Val!

Another wet holiday weekend!

This bank holiday weekend looks as if it is going to be wet and dreary. So no lazying on the beach! Why not get out the knitting? The Sewing Studio has a wonderfully large selection of knitting wools including Debbie Bliss whose wools I love and patterns and knitting accessories such as knitting needles and knitting bags Debbie Bliss wool 1 These Paloma wools from Debbie Bliss knit up beautifully and they are quick to knit up. They have a lovely handle and as well as making superb jumpers and other knitted garments I find them extremely useful to use as cords and ties. If three strands are plaited together they make extremely useful cords for all sorts of uses. The jumper below is one of the patterns that are available for this lovely wool. Just right for those wet windy days we seem to have too many of!    .


You won’t regret using this Paloma wool as the results are amazing!

Palermo wool

As well there are lots more wools in the shop so you will be spoilt for choice!

more wools general

And for those of you who arn’t knitters the new Tilda fabric is in store. This is a wonderful fabric being soft both in handle and look. As you can see in the picture below the colours are gently pastel and just right for summer. There are also patterns for making rag dolls which are great fun!  So don’t despair of the weather get out your knitting or sewing and become creative! And revel in the superb creations you will make! I am going to use this time to tidy and organise my workroom which badly needs some tlc. So I’m really quite pleased it’s not boiling hot or I’d want to be on the beach!

Tilda cabinet

Full Steam Ahead!

This is very exciting writing the first full post for the Sewing Studio Blog. I am Val and I will be putting in my twopenny worth on a weekly basis. If you have any questions or need help with a patchwork or sewing problem then just ask! The Sewing Studio in Redruth is one of, if not the largest,  fabric shop in Cornwall. It is expanding all the time and now sells wool as well as sewing machines, haberdashery and fabric.  The fabric collection is one of the most diverse! There have been a lot of changes in the shop recently to make life simpler for the customers! The fabric is now all upstairs as is the cutting table and till which means no longer does fabric have to be carried downstairs. A brilliant move which is sure to please everyone.  And the fabric displays are so inviting that it is going to whet your appetite and inspire you to design wonderful things!


And what could be more exciting than a new sewing machine, especially if it comes with a new overlocker as part of a fantastic offer! Instead of paying £498 for the pair of machines only pay £398, saving £100 on the deal!

Janome machine 8050


The Janome 8050XL is a  fully computerised sewing machine and has an amazing 50 stitches, 3 styles of 1 step button holes and variable stitch width and length, which is so useful for patchwork in particular!. Other excellent features include “Jam Proof” drop in bobbin, auto needle threader, speed control, needle up/down, start stop button and lock stitch button. This is such a useful machine with some very good features which will please quilters, dressmakers and sewers in general. And the fact that it is paired with a Janome overlocker makes it all the more exciting and useful!

Janome overlocker

The Janome 8002DX overlocker can be used as a 3 or 4 thread machine. Its colour coded thread guide makes threading easy. This machine also has a differential feed allowing overlocking of even stretchy fabrics, the knife can be disengaged for decorative overlocking and it’s rolled hem function creates beautiful neat edges.When I’m doing strippy patchwork I like to join my seams on my overlocker for ease of sewing and getting straight lines with even seams. It makes all the difference. And in these days of interesting threads it is possible to buy fluffy, crimped or thick silky overlocker threads which look good when the seam is to be used on the right side of the garment.  I wouldn’t be without my overlocker and I expect you will feel the same! Let me know what your favourite features are on an overlocker!  Mine is the rolled hem facility! Saves so much time!