The wonderful Jelly Pointer template!

I have been having a lot of fun with this template and I’m really glad I bought it.  It makes the most wonderful shapes so quickly and easily.

To use it cut 5 inch strips of fabric or sew two jelly roll strips together with a very small seam. Then fold the fabric in half or along the seam line.

heart cutting

When the fabric is folded place the template along the fold line as shown in the picture above. Cut around the shape and then open up. In the picture above a heart has been produced.  In the picture below pentagons have been cut. The pentagon can be cut as a large shape or the inner pentagon can be cut out and used as a small pentagon or the large pentagon can be used with a hole in the centre. This could be most useful for picturing images!

cutting pentagon

As well as pentagons and hearts different sizes of ovals can be cut. These can be used singly or a flower could be made out of them. There are so many different uses for all these shapes.

oval shapes

The star is the least easy shape to use. I found that instead of using my rotary cutter I marked around the shape with chalk and then used scissors to cut it out. It made a lovely star but was not as quick as the other shapes to do.  The picture below shows all the shapes that can be cut with this template.

all the shapes

The folder that the template comes in gives full instructions for use as well as lots of ideas for usage! With Christmas now in view I think these shapes will be most useful for table mats and runners.  The heart is my favourite shape and I shall try cutting it out in glittery fabrics to add to stockings and even to sew two together to hang on the tree. With beads sewn to the edges it would make a most eye catching tree decoration!

Have fun!

Written by Val

Lots more fabrics and other things!

There are so many lovely new fabrics in the Sewing Studio that I am awash with ideas as to how to use them.  And what to do first?  The pictures below don’t do these lovely fabrics justice. They are so soft and flowery and just look so right for a light and airy quilt to finish off the summer.

new fabric labelnew fabric 2 new fabric 1  And then with thoughts of Autumn in the air these fabrics also are inspiring me to do something autumnal. The thing is what?


new fabric autumn colours

Such lovely autumn leaf colours. And the range will mix and match so well.

And as if the fabrics weren’t making my mouth water I thought this dear little bunny would make a delightful present for a child or even a new baby!



Isn’t she cute! A small girl would really love her!

And more delicious Christmas fabrics. I’ve already started on making Christmas things and these lovely leafy prints will be a good addition to my stash. The pre-cuts are so useful and come in handy when one wants just a few fabric prints at a time!

xmas holly leaves xmas fir tree fabric xmas layer cake

I then treated myself to the template below. This template is used specifically with jelly rolls or strips of fabric. It makes the most delightful cut out shapes and I can’t wait to use it. However I will have to wait as we are off to Harrogate tomorrow for the Northern Quilt Show where we are exhibiting. However when we come back I shall play and I will put up pictures of the things that one can do with this template. So watch this space!  There is no shortage of jelly rolls at the Sewing Studio so it will just be a matter of making a choice. Now what could be easier! 🙂

template precuts layer cakes

And last but not least can I tell you about Falmouth Progressive Quilters first exhibition. This will be held on Friday 5th September and Saturday 6th September at the Bosvale Community Centre off Hillside Road which is off Boslowick Road, Falmouth. There will be lots to see and tea and buns!  Do come!

Written by Val