I love books; the more the merrier and I especially love books about quilting and patchwork.  They are so full of ideas and one doesn’t have to copy them exactly but use the basic idea to create one’s own beautiful quilt.

One of my favourtie books of all time is Patchwork, Quilting and Applique by Linda Seward. This is a magnificent book with all the basic techniques and full of ideas. A fantastic reference book!

Another book I find essential as a reference book is The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible by Wendy Gardiner. This is so useful when one comes across a machine foot or part and hasn’t a clue as to its usage!

The Sewing Studio has started to stock books and has some very interesting titles. Among them are Strip Therapy by Brenda Henning which is a book about using strips of fabric. Quilts for Baby by Ursula Reikes. A good book full of ideas for making gifts for babies and toddlers. Quilts, quilts, quilts by Diana McClun. This is a full guide to the art of quilt making and contains some very good quilt patterns. Scrap Quilting Strip by Strip by Kim Brackett. This is a good book to own as it is full of ideas for using up those scraps of fabric. There are several more and it is well worth having a look as there will be more coming in as well. I’m sorry not to have some pictures but this wretched program wouldn’t let me download them! Not good!  But they are all on view in the shop to tempt you to make even more quilts!

Written by Val

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