Warm and wonderful fleece!

Fleece is the name of a fabric which has a pile, often a deep pile and is used for making various items of apparel such as sports wear and jackets; home decor items such as throws and rugs; and quilted items. It is a joy to sew with as it doesn’t fray and because of it’s composition mistakes don’t show. Well not as much as they would on cotton!

Fleece is so lovely and cosy that it makes you want to snuggle up in it! There are so many lovely colours and patterns that one is spoilt for choice.  I like to use fleece for backings on quilts, especially cot quilts as  this makes them so tactile and warm for a baby or toddler.  Also a cot quilt could be made using the raggedy edge technique where the seams are on the outside of the work and are brushed to form a ragged edge.  flannels

Another use for fleece is to back table mats and table runners to stop them slipping on polished surfaces.  And with wadding between the fleece and the top fabric they give the article a solid feel which for table wear is good!

I have used fleece to make slippers and scarves and these are so quick to sew. Scarves can be turned out by the dozen they are so quick to make.  Cut the fleece the length you want the scarf to be by twice the width. Fold it in half lengthwise and seam the open edges together. Turn inside out and stitch across the ends sewing a fringe on if wished to add decoration.  So quick!  And patterns for simple slippers can be found on the internet for free. Just do a search for fleece slippers! Other good things to make with fleece are mittens to keep those fingers warm in the icy weather and hats.  There are so many free patterns on the internet that you will be spoilt for choice.

And with Christmas just around the corner use some of the Christmassy fleece to make stockings for the kids or Santa Sacks to hold all the presents!

Reindeer flannel

This is one of the Christmassy fleece fabrics and it is such fun!  I can see it made into a warm and cosy robe for a little one to wear on Christmas morning! And other mornings of course!  And this and the other fleeces in the shop would be ideal for making hot water bottle covers.  A quick way to make a cover is to take a piece of fleece and draw around the outside of your hot water bottle with chalk leaving an inch for seam allowance.  That will be the back. Now draw around again but when you have drawn half way up the sides from the bottom on both sides move the bottle up 4 inches and continue drawing the shape.  Now cut out both your shapes. One will be larger than the other. Cut the larger one across about 1/3 of the way down.  On these two cut edges make a hem and stitch with contrasting thread!  Now lay the first bottle shape out with the RS facing up.  Place the top of the second piece RS down onto this first piece and then lay the rest of the second piece down overlapping it with the top piece.  So you now have two pieces of fleece right sides together with an overlapped piece on one side.  Sew all the way around.  Turn inside out!  Now put the hot water bottle inside throught the lapped opening.  The lapped opening will fit over the bottle so that it is all enclosed. This is such a quick and easy method that you can make lots of them for Christmas presents.  And if you applique animal shapes or flowers onto the bottom of the front kids will love them. Another idea is to applique the initial of the person on the front and then everyone will know which is theirs!   And for the men in your life why not make them in tartan fleece. Tartan is all the rage at the moment so you can’t go wrong!

flannel tartan

And this tartan fleece would make lovely capes and body warmers too!  Or even a onesie!  If you haven’t used fleece before do try it as it is wonderful stuff.  Even a beginner to sewing can have fun with it!  By the time Christmas day arrives you can have a plethora of hand made goodies to give away! Or even to keep for yourself!


Written by Val


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