No Sew Ribbon Roses!

satin ribbons 1

There is a really wide selection of ribbons at the Sewing Studio. Both satin and fancy and metallic ribbons are available as well as silk ribbons.

satin ribbons

Why not make some no sew ribbon Roses! They are really easy to do and so effective when finished.

two finished roses in vase

To make the roses follow the steps below. You will want a metre of wide ribbon for each rose plus a length of wire. I used 12″ of wire per rose but this will depend on how tightly you are able to twist it. Take a length of wire and push it through one end of the ribbon and then fold over as shown below.

picture 1

Holding the wire  in the right hand twist the ribbon six times and then bind the layers of ribbon with a second length of wire.

picture 2

Now hold the ribbon in your left hand and the wire in your right. Fold the ribbon over towards you to form a right angle and twist it around the stem. Continue twisting until the fold is covered and then bind the base of the ribbon again.

picture 3

Continue in this way until most of the ribbon is used up. Now instead of folding the ribbon over and forming a right angle fold it in a loop and bind to the stem wire. Do several until there is a single tail of ribbon which you will bind with the wire.

picture 4

picture 6

Now take a length of green ribbon and lay it up and down the stem as shown below. Bind wire around the green ribbon.  (in the picture the green ribbon is beige!)

picture 7

Now twist the green ribbon tightly around the stem until the whole of the wire stem is covered.  Fold the end of the wire up and twist using a pair of pliers if necessary to get a tight twist which will hold the green ribbon in place.  Your rose is now finished. Use and enjoy!

Red rose finishedchiffon rose

Chiffon ribbons make lovely roses too! And a thinner stem can be achieved by using very narrow ribbon. Put in a vase with some real greenery these look quite delightful! Or they would make lovely corsages with a spray of greenery behind them.


Written by Val

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