New Year…..New Design ideas!

It is a new year, the sales have encouraged you to buy more fabric and you are ready to start a new project. Do you now wonder what to do? Are you stuck for ideas? Would you like to design an art quilt? Well it isn’t too difficult. If you have an art program on your computer and you have some photos that you have taken which you find inspiring then why not spend an evening having fun and creating pictures that can be used as the basis for a piece of work.

I took this picture of apples and played around with it in Photoshop. But any art package will do similar stuff.

apples small

plastic wrap small

In the picture above I used a plastic wrap image which gave me some interesting textures without losing the shape of the apples. In the picture below I distorted the picture and changed the shape of it giving me an interesting background at the same time.

distort polar coordinates-smaller small

apple group liquify-smaller small

Here the apple picture was posturised and this not only distorted the picture but lost the apple shape while still retaining the individual apples merged together. This one was one of my favourite effects and I think one could do a lot with this picture.

However I ended up working this picture which combined a bit of all of the above pictures. I had a piece of hand-dyed cotton fabric which I used as a background to represent the table and then I cut out and placed apple shapes on top of the background. I then layered these with nets and machine stitched over the shapes to make the three dimensional effect that you see. Having machined in different coloured threads I then did some hand stitching in a bold wool to outline the apples and add interest and to accent the reflections of the apples in the polished table top.  This makes an interesting and lively wall hanging and wasn’t difficult to do once I had outlined the design I was going to follow.  Why don’t you do something similar. It is great fun!

finished piece small


Written by Val

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